What Are the Main Skills of Website Developers UK Sought by Clients?

The demand for efficient web developers UK constantly increases as more and more lives revolve around the World Wide Web. Businesses have to stay afloat, beat competition, and rake in as much moolah as possible. Web development can surely help you achieve this and more. So, whatever the situation, a looming economic crisis or dipping finances, there will always be jobs available for developers provided they can boast of skills related to the following aspects of site development.

Deep framework knowledge

Frameworks are poised to be the next big thing in web development. There has been a meteoric rise of Django and Ruby on rails along with various MVC frameworks. So, if you have skill sets related to these, your development work becomes faster and much more efficient than before. You will not be wasting time with repetitive tasks anymore and will be able to increase your acceptance among your clients more than ever before.

Using bespoke CMS themes

Customization and creation of CMS themes can bring constant work for web developers UK. Popularity related to Drupal and WordPress has increased through the years and with it the demands for themes related to software. CMS powers loads of business and personal websites because the clients require usable, unique designs, reflecting well upon particular brands.

Plug-ins and customization of CMS

Do you know the reason why CMS is so popular these days? These give users the chance to bring various changes related to their sites without having an in-depth technical knowledge. Most of the CMS platforms have a big module list on offer, and those who require more can get what they desire through custom plug-ins and modules. Web developers UK can ride smoothly on their skills of CMS customization and development to get a steady business their way.

PSD-XHTML services

There is a huge demand of conversion from Photoshop to XHTML for use as template. Most designers do not know the method of such transformations. So, if you are an XHTML or CSS ninja, obtaining work on a regular basis is going to be your last problem. Web developers UK capable of creating sites that will display uniformly in all browsers will have loads of client following automatically.

Creation of JavaScript plug-ins

JavaScript framework is as popular as MVC framework and CMS if not more. You can add all kinds of custom functionalities using these modules. Someone who can build successful modules in Dojo or jQuery will receive an unending stream of work on a regular basis.

Twitter or Facebook applications

Developers nowadays can get API access to both these platforms, opening up a big market for social media apps. This has expanded the reach for web developers UK, opening up lucrative opportunities in application building. Having your own business app helps to connect directly with customers as this helps in building goodwill and trust faster.

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