Latest Web Design Quotes

Quote for New Car Website

The website will consist of roughly 40-50 pages, and will be primarily based on car related information for our clients. Examples of this will be a review page, information pages for insurance, and many more. There also needs to be an enquiry section where users can enquire about a specific query.

Quote for Redesign of Existing Website

I am looking for a quote for the re-design including making responsive of the following website:

We have all of the text / information / images etc.

We need a slight reconfiguration of the navigation.

We would need to be able to quickly and easily update the site. Possibly via WordPress?

We would also be looking for website and email hosting – ideally the email would be on an exchange format?

if it was on exchange – would I be able to also get it on my iPhone, in addition to my other email address which is on my iPhone?

Frameset UK currently have 4 email addresses – info@, chris@, joe@ & lorraine@ – all 4 of these email addresses are bombarded with spam on a daily basis – so I was thinking of having an info@ email address that captured all of the emails that go to these addresses (we don’t want to lose the odd enquiry) – and then set up a new sales@ or enquiries@ email address that we would could use from now on, starting a fresh without the spam hopefully.

It needs to be smart looking, promotional and modern – but easy to navigate and responsive on mobiles & iPads etc.

Quote for Ecommerce Website

HydroPonic shop
Ballasts .. Lighting.. Ventillation..Plant Nutrients..

Quote for Redesign of Islamic Website

Redesign of:

We want the above site redesigned and all the functionalities to stay. Issue is that we don’t have access the the current code so the functionalities may have to be developed by yourself.

some functionalities are:
Prayer times
Comprehensive Advertisement managmennt system
Integration of Video on Demand (VOD) from our VOD provider via XML
Donation system.
cross browser compatible and responsive design.
Live stream.

Quote for Logo and Website

Design of logo and website/Space for Blogs/Newsletters and Articles/Contact me page/testimonial page/Gallery/On-line shop/Booking form area/About me page

Quote for Cinema Website

I’m a student studying for an NCC Diploma in Computer Studies currently going through an assignment concerning the development of a website for a start-up cinema chain. Although this is fictional, I would be very glad if you could provide me with a detailed quote of how a website like the one mentioned below would cost.

The website should allow customers to find out the location of 5 cinemas, what films are showing
and the times films are showing. Customers should also be able to book tickets securely

Quote for Public Relations Website

Hi there we’re looking to move our business online, we need something along the lines of
We need to be able to update it ourselves, have a members area with secure login, be an original site (no pre built themes) and the ability to add more functionality in the future.
At a guess there will probably be approx 20+ pages, and basic profile for each member.
We’re not in a rush and want a really solid site that is simple for our members to use so quality is paramount.

Quote for Automotive Recruitment

Automotive Recruitment – similar to &

No need for live jobs jsut somewhere to register a CV

Quote for Magazine Website

Business description: online advertising platform.
The website is an advertising platform for everything happening in the Afro community in the UK. The website will put forward events, conferences, workshops, festivals, concerts, art exhibition linked to the Afro culture. This unique platform will allow users to know and keep in touch with what’s happening and what is out there for Afro curious and lovers.
Technical requirements
– Website is an Internet website
-The domain name has been registered through a domain name registrar
– Website will require hosting
-Website will require email hosting
– Website needs a data-base considering the following:
– There is a calendar events, communities contacts, forms (add an event and get listed)
– Website will be access by more than 2 people at the same time,
– We should as well think of future growth
– Content updates will be made through a CMS, with full control over the system and good level of edibility (Site owner has coding knowledge and is use to working with CMSs, CMS chosen should meet todays needs and scales easily as site will grow).

– Website should display in different browsers
– We are looking for a responsive web design to serve all kind of devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets
– Website will be integrated with social networks (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook¦)
– Online forms are required: for sending events details and images etc.
– Website should accept payment
– Website do not want to gain subscribers yet; but functionality will be needed in the future
– Website should include a search facility
– Website should carter for text only browsers, audio web browsers or Braille readers

– Brand guidelines: typographic style, image & banner sizes to be determine
– Logo: under construction

Content update
– Website plans to produce useful and interesting content
– Content will be produce by website owner who is a web editor and has been working for different websites
– Website owner will be responsible for updating the site
– Website owner has as well knowledge in resizing graphics, can source and edit photography whenever needed

Quote for Children’s Day Care Website

Setting up a Private Children’s Day Care Nursery from ages 3 months to 5 Years

Quote for Photography Website

We are starting a photography festival with online submissions and payments.
Its 6 pages and we have all the stuff…photos layout etc.
It would be similar to
We have a limited budget but we would like to discuss it and get a quote.

Quote for Ecommerce selling Sports goods

Ecommerce platform for sale of sports related goods sourced from round the globe. To be centred in the uk with clients from all continents.

Quote for Auction Website

Essentially I want the functionality of but with my own branding / platform.

Quote for Consultancy Website

I am contacting you on behalf of FRG Consulting. We are a fast growing, boutique consulting firm based in the City of London. We specialise in change management exclusively for the Financial Services industry and have big ambitions for our future growth.

We have a functional website with excellent content but we believe it is aesthetically outdated and we wish to bring it back to life. Please find on the following page a brief for what we are looking for in terms of design and ideals to portray. We have loaded all of our word content onto a WordPress site (including our logo) however no infographics or video content.

Our website should be professional, sleek and innovative. Ideally, we would like to see initial mock-ups however we are happy to discuss the approach first if that is preferred. If this is something that would interest you, please could you review the below brief and requirements and provide an estimate of how much this will cost to me by email.

Please let me know by email if you have any questions. We will then get back to you if this will be suitable for us.



Create a website that conveys an image of a young, fast growing, ambitious and approachable professional services firm

Key Themes
-Making Change Happen is our strapline and should be featured on every page with impact.
– We want to reflect these four key messages across our entire website;
– We know how to get things done in banks.
– We partner with our clients we don’t foist methodologies on to them.
– Our people are highly experienced.
– We’re fun to work with and for.

Design Themes
– We would like to stick to the two blues featured in our logo as a consistent theme across the site with the addition of another tone or colour at your discretion.
– Simplicity and consistency is key, everything must be clutter free and clean.
– We want to keep the professional feel but with hints of quirkiness.
– We are very keen to have a dynamic feel; animations, transitions and creative flair are encouraged.

– All content should be scrolled to horizontally and / or vertically for a seamless flow and easy navigation.

Target Audiences
– Potential hires: i.e. graduates all the way to senior managers and partners. We want to engage all potential hires and reflect our ambitious and unique culture.
– Current Employees: we also want to show that we are professional and hold ourselves to extremely high standards.
– Clients: it should reflect the above brief and the quality of all our consultants and validate our word of mouth reputation.

Quote for Document Manager

We need a secure users section with granular document management and permissions based blog posts. so only documents and messages are only visable to users that have been granted permission. Also they need a basic front facing section with about us and contact us pages.


Online Website Design Building Course

Learn how to build a website EASILY

marketingMany people believe that creating a website is a difficult task. With today’s web tools the process is now simpler than ever. However, the average Joe may never gain the knowledge as they seldom know where to look. This course shows you how to simply create your website from start to finish. On completion you will be able to create a website with ease and even start building websites for others.

This course is offered to anyone that wishes to learn how to build their own website from scratch. The course is intended for beginners and non technical participants. The course will run for 4 weeks start to finish. Participants will have built their own website by the end of the course.

What the course includes

  • 2 years free hosting of your website.
  • Free .com or domain name of your choice
  • Free images for your website
  • Fully editable website via a sophisticated content management system
  • A choice of themes for your website.
  • Full course documentation
  • Support and assistance in case you get stuck
  • Secrets of Search Engine Optimisation

What you will learn on this course.

  • What is a website and where does it live on the web?
  • How to choose an effective domain name.
  • How to register a domain.
  • How to tell the internet how to find your website.
  • Where to find free website building tools.
  • What is WordPress and how to install it.
  • What are themes and plugins and how to add them to your website?
  • How to create pages for your website.
  • How to create a navigation menu
  • How to create great content.
  • How to add images to your website.
  • How to add google maps to your website.
  • How to add contact forms to your website.
  • How to track who looks at your website
  • How to use an image slider to grab your users’ attention
  • Responsive web design and how to make your website work on mobile devices
  • What to do once your website has been created.
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ to market your website
  • Internet Secrets

This website course costs just £60. If you introduce another person you get the course for half price. If you introduce two people you get the course for free.

Buy Tickets Here

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Affordable Web Design in London – What to Avoid

Most times services that promise affordable web design in London end up costing more! Even if you find a reasonably priced or magically cheap provider, the designs somehow fail to impress you, leave alone your target customers. So, how true are these promises of affordability that compel you to keep searching for what seems like eternity! Do such companies offering affordable web design in London really exist or is it just an elusive dream that you are loath to let go? Cost and quality seldom go hand-in-hand and the same is true for website design…right, WRONG! When, you search hard and do your homework right, you are sure to find the best service providers in London offering solutions tailored to your needs. So, as you continue with your search for perfect design solutions, here are some pitfalls to avoid.

Designs that cater to selected handfuls

Sophisticated design does not matter much if not reinforced with optimal experience of viewing that your customers crave. Today, even affordable web design in London will be a complete waste of time and money if responsiveness is not a part of the mix. With a big section of your target populace using tablets and smartphones, this will mean investing in another website that caters to these platforms exclusively. Why add to your costs when what you crave is affordability?

Presence of a completely biased design

The first thing a designer is going to conceive is the homepage for your website. While it is important to make it attractive, placing whole emphasis here just to make the project affordable is not something that you would want. This way, none of the visitors coming to your site will even want to look beyond this first page, giving them incomplete knowledge regarding your business, products, and services. So, you must make sure that your service does not take the dictum ‘Making First Impressions Last’ too seriously.

Settling for an average design

In the modern, highly competitive scenario where only the best survives, settling for average is nothing short of suicidal. So, if your service providers create a website with incorrect page layouts, absence of user-friendly functionality, and minimal adherence to standards, you are better off without an online portal. However, you have the choice to hire the services of an effective and reputed London based web design service that is known to use organic SEO compliant websites.

An archaic design that fails to convert

Your business is not catering to markets of the 80s or 90s, so why should your website look like a blast from the past! You need to make sure that your web design does not hark back to those times. These days, what would you do with a website that does not include social media integration or an effective SEO strategy?

Trade Secrets of Website Developers in London

Why does a business or company need to get a website? For most, it is a means to display their products and services in such a manner that it whets the appetite of consumers. Why would a prospective customer choose you over others? The secret lies in the skill of website developers in London – how different, relevant, and attractive they can make the site in comparison to that of your competitors. When shopping, consumers follow predictable processes that involve,

• Searching for
• Evaluation
• Narrowing options

The best professionals thoroughly understand this shopping journey and incorporate elements that facilitate the above processes. Here are some dos they always follow:

Qualified and experienced designers

Competent website developers in London set measurable and smart goals that help increase sales and conversion rates, reduce overheads, improve brand awareness, and generate leads. Do you know, what is the key to ensure the highest marketing ROI? There is nothing like effective use of Search Engine Optimization. When the aim is to develop a killer site, you cannot afford to miss this aspect. When done right it gets marketing on autopilot, leaving you to think of ways to improve your business instead of worrying about bringing customers to the website.

Techniques and strategies of SEO keep on changing, so website developers in London keep themselves abreast of the latest situation through regular reading and research. There is nothing like use of open source tools as this gives you access to a treasure trove available to everybody on the web. Since these undergo constant checks and upgrades, chances of errors through their implementation during development process tends to be minuscule. Many companies use proprietary CMS whenever required in a project.

Proper research

When it comes to developing a site that converts, you simply cannot leave mobile strategies for another day. It should go simultaneously with the rest of development processes. Market research prior to this is important as it gives an idea regarding the number of users who search for your site on mobile devices. If this is high, website developers in London will consider a separate website version for mobile platform. Otherwise, you are better off with a smartphone-compatible site, but there is no need to invest in mobile specific versions in such cases.

Attractive designs and layouts

Creation of eye-catching content and knowledge regarding what works for a specific market is important as well. There is nothing wrong in looking into site developments of competitors and getting pointers. These days, you just cannot get away by ignoring social media integration. This will prove to be the biggest mistake. Website developers in London will ensure presence of social networking buttons to make it easy for users to share your content, products, and thoughts regarding your business in general.