No History with New Social Network, Voycee Adding Higher Privacy

With new posts being created every second, older posts get buried but the fact remains that everything that a person posts online, stays online. People can just look through their old posts and forgotten stuff which is posted online forever. But on social network, Voycee which is ‘history-free’ all past content is deleted as soon as a new post is created. But other than that Voycee works like any other social network. Users can post photos, text updates, and follow other members. Users can put hashtags, write comments and likes but the only difference is that this social network only keeps the latest posts, rest are auto-deleted. As soon as a new update is given, the social network automatically deletes the previous posts which include all related likes, comments, audios and images.

Voycee founder, Ilfan Radoncic talked to TechCrunch about and protection of members’ online privacy as the platform does not allow for saving any past posts, which seemingly is an issue with Facebook. He said that people can have all the fun without worrying about ‘leaving a trail’ which allows them to live in that moment. Additionally, it allows users to breathe easy as they do not have to go through pages of notifications so the ‘history free’ social network is poised for success. Although it is only available on iPhone iOS, the technical team is working on creating an Android based version.

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