First Social Network for Music Lovers, in Nascent Stages

A New York start-up, plans to launch a new social network aimed only for music lovers. Though in its nascent stages, founder Parker Liebermann is of the view that the social network will change the view people look at sharing music. The final stages will allow users to have a newsfeed full of music tracks that have been recommended and shared by your friends. You have the option of clicking any one and listening to the songs that you or any of your friends have created. It has the option of sharing your favorite tracks on your profile.

Liebermann said that with the official launch of the music social network, it will change interaction level among users as it allows members to collect and share music tracks online. The unique aspect of is that it allow sits users to interact with your friends while sharing latest tracks online. Even though the social network is in its early phases, it shows promise. Liebermann is an avid music lover with panache for sharing and producing music. He considers to be the ‘collection of records’ for the next generation. Though there are numerous music apps and websites allowing streaming and sharing, Liebermann doesn’t consider them social enough as will be.

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