Current Link Building Strategies & SEO

How much does your link building influence your Google site rankings? The answer is, still considerably.

Google’s core algorithm changes on a daily basis & is notoriously undisclosed, but in 2018 we know links are still a key factor to indexing a site, in fact it is widely believed that it’s one of the ‘big three’ ranking factors (RankBrain & site content being the other two).

So now you know that, what’s the best practise for them?

Firstly, it’s quality over quantity. It may sound painfully obvious, but you need good quality,   relevant and trusted content if you are to stand a chance of getting your site backlinked in the first place. Social Media can also help you find relevant audiences that can be targeted for your linking.

If your backlinks feature on a directory that only exists to host random SEO links, then the chances are this will hurt your rankings. Cleaning up these bad backlinks is a very worthwhile endeavour, perform a search and then whenever your site appears in a dubious place, contact the web owner to request your link be removed.

Self hosting videos with your links can also help you with your rankings.

What not to do with your link building;

You can harm your ranking by cross-linking to multiple partners in an attempt to try and game the system. Spamming social media, forums or blogs with irrelevant links will not be looked upon favourable by the Spambots either. Another method to avoid during development is using site-wide linking via plugins or widgets, the search engines are wise to these now & will penalise you for it.

Finally should you pay for links? If you ask Google then no you most definitely shouldn’t. The risk of paying for the privilege of having your ranking being lowered is just too great.