Current Link Building Strategies & SEO

How much does your link building influence your Google site rankings? The answer is, still considerably.

Google’s core algorithm changes on a daily basis & is notoriously undisclosed, but in 2018 we know links are still a key factor to indexing a site, in fact it is widely believed that it’s one of the ‘big three’ ranking factors (RankBrain & site content being the other two).

So now you know that, what’s the best practise for them?

Firstly, it’s quality over quantity. It may sound painfully obvious, but you need good quality,   relevant and trusted content if you are to stand a chance of getting your site backlinked in the first place. Social Media can also help you find relevant audiences that can be targeted for your linking.

If your backlinks feature on a directory that only exists to host random SEO links, then the chances are this will hurt your rankings. Cleaning up these bad backlinks is a very worthwhile endeavour, perform a search and then whenever your site appears in a dubious place, contact the web owner to request your link be removed.

Self hosting videos with your links can also help you with your rankings.

What not to do with your link building;

You can harm your ranking by cross-linking to multiple partners in an attempt to try and game the system. Spamming social media, forums or blogs with irrelevant links will not be looked upon favourable by the Spambots either. Another method to avoid during development is using site-wide linking via plugins or widgets, the search engines are wise to these now & will penalise you for it.

Finally should you pay for links? If you ask Google then no you most definitely shouldn’t. The risk of paying for the privilege of having your ranking being lowered is just too great.


Experts say Google+ isn’t a social network anymore

With the exit of Vic Gundotra, the question arises about the validity of the social network, Google+, which was his primary project that has now ended. Multiple reports talk about end of Google+ as a social network, as it has been unable to keep pace with the other leading networking websites. Effectively, Google+ competition with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites has ended as Gundotra steps down.

Is it the end of Google+?

But Google representative have denied the claim saying that the news will have no impact on the company’s endeavors towards the social networking site as the company intends to keeping on building the photos, hangouts and Google+. However, the appointment of new Google+ head of Products, Dave Besbris is being seen as the end of user-centric social networking tool.

Today Google+ is being seen as a failed social network and the team at Google, involved in the development is of the same view. They have been wondering why anyone would use it when there are faster, easier and better social networks available online. The view that is being professed is that Google might stop the compulsory integration with Google+ on its other products. While the company officially announced that the teams are being reshuffled to form a new core team.

Chinese Users Eyed By Social Networks Globally

In Beijing, the key topic of discussions and debate at the Global Mobile Internet Conference was social networks and media. Although there is a move towards stricter control and stiff competition in the social media industry which is dominated by local companies, global social networks are looking to enter the Chinese homes.

Over 600 million Chinese using internet and half of them logging into social media, it is about the population of about 5 European countries. In China, Weibo (like Twitter) and WeChat (WhatsApp and Facebook) are the social networking services as Facebook is not authorized yet. Even then, it has over 820,000 users. Though most of the international social media companies are not available in China, a few of them are making inroads in the intensely competitive market. LinkedIn is one of the few companies that has launched a Chinese language service and has over 4 million users.

President of LinkedIn China, Derek Shen said that most of the top management has Japanese and Americans globally but there aren’t many Chinese. This is because China still doesn’t have a good platform to connect the professionals internationally. Now the reach of LinkedIn China is expanding through Chinese social media. Chinese advertise on social networks to connect with oversees suppliers, which has been successful. Making inroads into the tightly controlled social media, foreign social networks will need to adapt to cultural, language and regulatory barriers.

First Social Network for Music Lovers, in Nascent Stages

A New York start-up, plans to launch a new social network aimed only for music lovers. Though in its nascent stages, founder Parker Liebermann is of the view that the social network will change the view people look at sharing music. The final stages will allow users to have a newsfeed full of music tracks that have been recommended and shared by your friends. You have the option of clicking any one and listening to the songs that you or any of your friends have created. It has the option of sharing your favorite tracks on your profile.

Liebermann said that with the official launch of the music social network, it will change interaction level among users as it allows members to collect and share music tracks online. The unique aspect of is that it allow sits users to interact with your friends while sharing latest tracks online. Even though the social network is in its early phases, it shows promise. Liebermann is an avid music lover with panache for sharing and producing music. He considers to be the ‘collection of records’ for the next generation. Though there are numerous music apps and websites allowing streaming and sharing, Liebermann doesn’t consider them social enough as will be.

No History with New Social Network, Voycee Adding Higher Privacy

With new posts being created every second, older posts get buried but the fact remains that everything that a person posts online, stays online. People can just look through their old posts and forgotten stuff which is posted online forever. But on social network, Voycee which is ‘history-free’ all past content is deleted as soon as a new post is created. But other than that Voycee works like any other social network. Users can post photos, text updates, and follow other members. Users can put hashtags, write comments and likes but the only difference is that this social network only keeps the latest posts, rest are auto-deleted. As soon as a new update is given, the social network automatically deletes the previous posts which include all related likes, comments, audios and images.

Voycee founder, Ilfan Radoncic talked to TechCrunch about and protection of members’ online privacy as the platform does not allow for saving any past posts, which seemingly is an issue with Facebook. He said that people can have all the fun without worrying about ‘leaving a trail’ which allows them to live in that moment. Additionally, it allows users to breathe easy as they do not have to go through pages of notifications so the ‘history free’ social network is poised for success. Although it is only available on iPhone iOS, the technical team is working on creating an Android based version.

What Are the Main Skills of Website Developers UK Sought by Clients?

The demand for efficient web developers UK constantly increases as more and more lives revolve around the World Wide Web. Businesses have to stay afloat, beat competition, and rake in as much moolah as possible. Web development can surely help you achieve this and more. So, whatever the situation, a looming economic crisis or dipping finances, there will always be jobs available for developers provided they can boast of skills related to the following aspects of site development.

Deep framework knowledge

Frameworks are poised to be the next big thing in web development. There has been a meteoric rise of Django and Ruby on rails along with various MVC frameworks. So, if you have skill sets related to these, your development work becomes faster and much more efficient than before. You will not be wasting time with repetitive tasks anymore and will be able to increase your acceptance among your clients more than ever before.

Using bespoke CMS themes

Customization and creation of CMS themes can bring constant work for web developers UK. Popularity related to Drupal and WordPress has increased through the years and with it the demands for themes related to software. CMS powers loads of business and personal websites because the clients require usable, unique designs, reflecting well upon particular brands.

Plug-ins and customization of CMS

Do you know the reason why CMS is so popular these days? These give users the chance to bring various changes related to their sites without having an in-depth technical knowledge. Most of the CMS platforms have a big module list on offer, and those who require more can get what they desire through custom plug-ins and modules. Web developers UK can ride smoothly on their skills of CMS customization and development to get a steady business their way.

PSD-XHTML services

There is a huge demand of conversion from Photoshop to XHTML for use as template. Most designers do not know the method of such transformations. So, if you are an XHTML or CSS ninja, obtaining work on a regular basis is going to be your last problem. Web developers UK capable of creating sites that will display uniformly in all browsers will have loads of client following automatically.

Creation of JavaScript plug-ins

JavaScript framework is as popular as MVC framework and CMS if not more. You can add all kinds of custom functionalities using these modules. Someone who can build successful modules in Dojo or jQuery will receive an unending stream of work on a regular basis.

Twitter or Facebook applications

Developers nowadays can get API access to both these platforms, opening up a big market for social media apps. This has expanded the reach for web developers UK, opening up lucrative opportunities in application building. Having your own business app helps to connect directly with customers as this helps in building goodwill and trust faster.

Desirable Qualities in a Web Developers London

Web developers London services are all about writing codes predominantly. While it may be true to a certain extent, other things are important as well and equally so. What are the qualities that clients look for in a service provider when hiring? These have nothing to do with syntax and coding, instead are mostly about people dealing and optimal use of inherent capabilities.

  1. Effective communication and successful people dealing are of great importance when you are out to provide development services. Besides the need to understand their requirements, you should be able to convince them regarding your capabilities. Why should clients choose you in a market rife with competition? It is up to you to give them compelling reasons to do so. This is possible only when the technicians related to your web developers London are as skillful with their tongue as they are with coding. An agency where team members regularly communicate with each other are better at getting the work done within time as there is no gap in understanding.


  1. Effective stress and time management is a desirable quality in a web development team. Whether one is dealing with development of apps, product, or site, the dream and requirements of the client always get the priority. Naturally, for the developer this creates loads of stress. Dealing with time crunches and work pressure effectively is an art and good companies know how to deal with the most difficult situations. They will take breaks, prioritize tasks, and manage time successfully without compromising on the quality of results.


  1. A successful web developers London has the capability to see everything in perspective and they ensure that everyone working for them understands their calling clearly. Building apps or sites constitutes complex and interesting problems for the developers to solve. It is an ideal profession for people who love challenges and thrive in intellectually stimulating conditions. So, team members who love what they do feel relaxed, are more productive, and work hard to ensure the best satisfaction of the clients. When choosing a developer one would prefer to work with someone who is clear about what they do and are as excited about upcoming project as they themselves are.


  1. Understanding web concepts and core languages are surely mandatory qualities when one is choosing a web developers London. Online technologies are developing at a rapid pace with something new and happening being introduced almost at every turn. Frameworks like Express, Cake, Sinatra, or Zend are popping up almost on a daily basis; however, if you go deeper, you will see that all these new technologies have their basis in existing concepts and core languages even if the related configurations are different. So, therefore, the desired quality in a developer is their proficiency with core language like JavaScript. Presence of this knowledge will allow them to learn anything new easily simply by mastering the related syntax.

A popular web developers London ensures that their developers have knowledge of designs like grid design, typography, or color theory. This helps them understand the various decisions made by the designers.

Mistakes that You Can’t Afford to Make with Small Business Website Design

You do not require anyone to tell you how important small business website design is to make your establishment go places. It would not do to have a half-hearted or badly designed site on your hands as it can seriously set back your reputation. For a startup, good impression is everything; otherwise, your very survival could be at stake. So, whether you already have a website or are planning to have one in the coming times, you should know of the must-avoid mistakes related to its design.

Design without market consideration

Why do you want to undertake small business website design? Is it not to let your audience know about your products and services? Whom are you catering to? All these matter much and it is vital that you or the service provider consider these factors when designing. For an older audience, for example, larger font size is practical and for younger demographics, smartphone compatibility is desirable.

Flashy or complex site designs

Being too flashy with your design elements or going overboard with the various skill sets will do more harm than good. Simply attracting your audience is not enough. You need them to heed to your call to action (CTA). Flashy designs do not work properly in mobile devices and users simply get frustrated. Having a website design that works well on all mobile devises is essential and that is why responsible websites are in demand.

Not providing a clear CTA

After visitors reach your site, they should know what is required from them. Otherwise, they will simply go away after some time and you would be losing an opportunity to carry out business. Small business website design aims to promote their products or services to the target audience and then start getting returns. So, you should ask yourself, what do I want my prospects to do. Is it to purchase the product, subscribe to newsletter, or contact you? You can design your CTA in accordance.

Placing too much stress on cheap solutions

Everybody understands that as a small or startup business your budget is quite limited; however, it does not justify your preoccupation with minimum costs. Most times, cheap and quality do not go together and as such, you would be receiving the shorter end of the stick and even end up spending more than your capabilities. So, when you are considering a small business website design, you should look for reasonable rates by all means, but going for the cheapest would not be in your best interests.

Not focusing on content update

While you have gone on and created a fantastic website for your small business and it is giving you expected returns, when did you last update its content? With time, the relevance of information presented no longer works because your business has expanded, introduced new services, and has opened up offices elsewhere. Small business website design should reflect these changes in real time to keep its audience interested.

The Latest Technology Inputs for Website Developers London

Website developers in London have to constantly remain at par with the process and make use of the latest developments as and when they become available. Clients require only the best results that offer value for money that they are spending. Powerful new development tools are available nowadays along with new super cool technologies, bringing about tidal changes related to tech world. Use of animation for effective visual feedback, for example, is extremely popular. So, you will find developers using Motion User Interface (UI) technology to bring an added dimension to web interactions.

Smart glasses are becoming mainstream, posing additional challenges for the developers to tackle. Responsive design nowadays gets a completely new meaning, encompassing all types of screens irrespective of their shapes, sizes, and types. Website developers in London experiment with new frameworks, especially those related to successful application designs. App developments make use of Node.js along with other server side JavaScript frameworks. Development teams are making a shift towards use of single language related to different web projects. Similar transitions become a possibility with Node, especially because front-end developers generally have competency with JavaScript use.

Website developers in London prefer dynamic reusable components that allow incorporation of mobile-ready designs and help build client-side apps. JavaScript today is packed with new features for the development team to make use of, like WebGL 3-D with increasing capabilities and speed of browsers. The HTML 5 APIs will now get enhanced support in android and iOS browsers. Web API building is the latest craze among developers, used by both native apps and web apps. This has begun to occur, and one is going to see more of this in the coming times as maintaining codebase gets easier. As a lucrative career option, more and more people are looking forward to coding and programing apps.

Application of single page is another latest trend associated with web development, which is finding many takers. This is the result of technology development as more solutions become available for various challenges related to application building. Website developers in London are quite enthusiastic regarding the increasing popularity of Instagram, which has surpassed Twitter recently when it comes to numbers of related users. This predicts a trend away from microblogging with a preference for image-sharing apps. As more and more technology developments become available to the users, one is going to see creative techniques related to video and image sharing in the coming times.

These are surely exciting times for website developers in London because they have the chance to use a host of brand new tools and techniques to take client experiences to a new high. Embedded technology is the rising star. So, there is a whole new possibility of solution developments that allows users to interact with their toasters, cars, ovens, heat pumps, and even plants!

Do Web Developers in UK Help Their Clients Get the Best from PHP?

Web developers in UK understand the benefits and potential of PHP. So it is no wonder that they use it frequently for various projects. Dominance of PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is increasing in the market. This programming language is of general purpose and used mostly for developing the dynamic sites. Such are the associated positives that you will find their use today in 20,000,000+ sites and 1,000,000+ web servers. One of the many pluses is its possible applications in custom development. This language offers compatibility with various platforms like Magneto, OS Commerce, WordPress, Zen Cart, and Joomla. So a great option for web developers in UK.

Besides the dynamic web pages, developers can also use PHP for web solutions like shopping carts, CMS, and web calendars among others. Memory inbuilt optimisation feature with this language ensures that overloading of server never happens. Instead, it enhances the server processing speeds. There is a huge need for dynamic sites that facilitate data organisation and user interaction. PHP being server-side language proves to be useful tool in this regard. It is possible to create automatically generating pages using this language. This in turn improves the efficiency significantly and helps to maintain multitude of HTML static pages.

Efficient developments now go one-step further as web developers in UK can achieve much for common functions by writing fewer codes than before. Frameworks related to programming language allow streamlined and simplified code development. When you create PHP web systems developing custom functionality is possible for handling different tasks. These are as follows:

• calendar and image generation
• control of user access
• URL generation
• database interaction

What are the benefits associated with PHP frameworks?

Plug-ins and modules associated with these allow automatic task handling. Web developers in UK now need to write just few configuration code lines to achieve the results. You can benefit from the inputs of a huge developers community. They not only use same framework but also offer frequent updates of source code and plug-in additional modules. The projects for every developer have slight variations. The combined contributed module scope signifies that the chances of finding a module suitable for your task are already available.

Whenever detection of vulnerability occurs, patching of the framework is also quite quick. Just update the code files of your framework and you can benefit from these corrections. Web developers in UK who wants to use PHP custom codes outside framework will need to patch up different system parts upon vulnerability detection. Seasoned developers maintain code sample collections and custom functions. This helps them to design their preferred web systems. Both seasoned developers new programmers can benefit from frameworks. They can focus upon the fast developments of new site without wasting much time on function writing.